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tv   British Parliament Review  CSPAN  May 12, 2017 4:51pm-5:55pm EDT

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the ninth circuit court of appeals in seattle will hear oral argument on president trumps revised travel been. hawaii versus trunk. the court is considering an appeal of the ruling that blocked the bay on on issuing visas to citizens of muslim majority countries. hawaii was the first state to sue the trump administration over the revised travel ban which removed iraq from the list. c-span petitioned the ninth circuit to consider allowing her broadcast and it was granted. live coverage begins monday on c-span. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to the uk
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56 parliament. >> it was the shortest parliament for 46 years. just two years long. >> they experienced extraordinary evils in british politics. the uk was a solid member of the european union and the brexit word had yet to be invented. in the 24 months there's been departures. >> i once said i was the future ones. [laughter] >> new people at the top and in accordance with the wishes of the people, they are leaving the european union. >> they hold our values and contempt they hold our values of tolerance and decency in contempt. >> maureen wrote to me this week and she writes with a heavy heart, we have been treated disgustingly.
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none on it was the 62nd time that the majesty the queen had opened parliament against expectations and predictions of the pollsters, david cameron had won a general election victory for the conservative. note television of the democrats would be needed this time. following the resignation, labor was led harriet harman. no words were exchanged as they filed through parliament to hear the speech and the plans for government expected to last five years. >> my government will renegotiate the relationship with the european union.
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>> as she congratulated prime minister they made the remark that turned out to be. [inaudible] >> although he and i have many differences in some ways we are quite alike. in what one of the things we have in common is that we are both, by our own admission, interim leaders. [laughter] we will support the government's bill for a referendum. [applause] we believe it will be better for britain if we stay in the european union. >> we have a strategy of renegotiation, reform and referendum. the bill in the queen's speech indicates that it must take place by the end of 2017. >> it was a scottish nationalist party. >> i congratulate the prime
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minister for his election success, in england. [laughter] and it's an honor to reply to the queen speech on behalf of of the third-party in the house of commons. [applause] did they say at the start of the parliament that the convention that we don't clap in this chamber is very, very long-established and widely respected and it would be appreciated if members would show some respect for that convention. >> the queen returned to politician minds in september 2015 when she became the longest running monarch in the country's history surpassing the record of clean victoria. her majesty had rained for 63 years, seven months and two days. on the day she was opening a new train line in the scottish borders. the prime minister talked about her many duties.
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>> whether it is something we suspect she enjoys like the highland games or something we suspect she might be less keen on such as bending new year's eve in the millennium dome. [laughter] we know she never ever falters. >> she is now on her 12th prime minister. on these benches we had hoped that she would be on. [inaudible] she reigns over 140 million people. that is a huge number, nearly as many as the number of labor party registered supporters. [laughter] >> that remark about the membership was a none too subtle reference of the long drawnout leadership election during the summer of 2015. to live in dull content, labor and peace had let in jeremy corbin, he had a long history of rebellion and to the
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amazement of most, mr. corbin quickly became the favorite. he won by a landslide and soon he was answering his first prime minister question. >> i'm taking part in many events around the country and conversations with many people about what they thought about this place, our parliament, our democracy and our conduct within this place. many told me they thought prime minister question time was too theatrical and parliament was out of touch into theatrical and they wanted things differently, but above all they wanted their voice heard in parliament. if we are able to change questions and make it a more genuine exercise in asking questions and answering questions, no one would be more delighted than me. >> so a new approach to prime
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minister questions and a fresh look at the house of commons assembly. 177 new and peace have been elected in may and they all had to make a maiden speech. these are noncontroversial but a new conservative and peed decided to dispense with that convention. she used her maiden to launch an attack on the government's announced tax to tax credits for working families. >> the prime minister has asked us that with everything we do to pass the family tax. putting tax credits before wages does not achieve that. showing children that their parents would be better off not working at all does not achieve that. sending a message to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society that we do not care does not achieve that either. >> a new rebel was born. in previous parliaments, conservative governments assumed they could always count on the support of peers. not these days but there is no longer a majority.
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i have been to see the counselor at number 11 and i think it confirms that he would listen very carefully, in the way that it is precedented for us to do so. : >>
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>> as we introduce universal credit. >> that was just a first to enjoy this parliament four months later with another change of heart this time with a large cut that was made in the benefit those changes infuriated this man a few days later the chancellor dropped the changes. >> to draw on the work of the independent review the did not command support it even if they had the government was spending more on disabled people in the last labor government. >> should he it knowledge
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that was a mistake?. >> so where we made a mistake so precisely what we have done. >> earlier win labor john mcdonald. >> so literally is out. it is a personal and signed copy. [laughter] but the problem is half of that was sent off for re-education how united was the kingdom? but now the
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third largest party in the commons neck of a campaign to mower kinnealey changes to government and the way it is run. specifically rather ominously became known as evil. >> for the first and the scottish mps could vote on some legislation. >> now there will be a joint debate on the consent motion for england and wales and england. remember although all members may speak in the debate all the members representing those constituencies may put it in a consent motion for england.
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all the members representing those constituencies. >> for the first time in the history of this house of this parliament, members of the parliament would be banned based on nationality and geographic location. >> to have a huge a vintage -- an advantage against kennedy then there was the sad news that kennedy was found dead in his home. >> if i may your father was a great man and he stood up for what he believed in he had a policy of the center-left with dignity and compassion they will though
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the your mom and dad believed in the caller great than themselves. >> is not what you have done but to you are. you should very proud of your dad i am proud of your dad i am proud to call him my friend. >> as the conflict was continuing to take control of iraq so should the british air strikes be extended in syria? and the
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terrorists have carried out of plan and 130 people were banned isis claimed responsibility that was perfect for the british mps to cover the air strike in syria as well as iraq. and then the was the altman decision and then the house will come together in larger numbers to defeat the evil extremist to keep the country safe it is likely to reduce or increase that threat of and if it will counter or spread that terror campaign isis is spreading.
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they don't make the case for the government ocean but on the contrary of votes against yet another ill-fated twist. and then convincing bombing isis targets in syria. but that pushes me in the direction and then with that resolution that calls it to eradicate. but then to go in favor of military action your record and to be seen without
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common performance. >> we believe we have a responsibility. >> we never have and we never should be on the other side of the road. >> not just a calculated brutality but they're superior to every single one of us in the chamber tonight. the whole the cent content. fin day hold our democracy we will make our decision tonight. >> that needs to be defeated. it is time for us to do in
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syria. for that motion today. >> it could have air strikes in syria and then to be conducting were the 1200 airstrikes with a coalition of countries in the operations to be far more effective with this six year long brutal civil war. that is a familiar sight of a parliamentary inquiry not
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one of a britain's wealthiest businessmen. >> andrea ever pretty good track record as a company. >> of so then sadly and then to be here the rest of your life?. >> three and a half hours in using struck by this. >> and with the selling of vhs but could the challenge
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you on this?. >> ed is your opinion. and in those final months of 2015 to take part in a vote with the e.u. membership. so just to would be campaigning? and then to be indulging in the boat. >> the labor party has a leader changes mind twice. >> soon cabinet ministers
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were sent with the clutch of high-profile leaders. but was soon known as brexit. but now mr. cameron and now's the date of the referendum thursday to read june 23rd. but with his close friend justice secretary with a beautiful friendship. in those with the outgoing mayor of london. >> for those referendum arguments those claims were made with the e.u. membership.
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>> but the public grew suspicious and to look at the issues. >> one of the rules that you cite that i equated the you cannot recycle 80 bag -- a tea bag but those inflated balloons but i have to say not only children under eight budget think it is absolutely the depressed -- ludicrous. >> i do think that mood -- leaving europe might be touching?. >>.
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>> with one week to go it came to us shuddering halt. and involving the mps with that information at this stage the country was horrified while going about her normal work with the far right to extremist was later jailed for life. but parliament was briefed during that referendum break. joe believed in the better world with the energy and a zest for life and she was brave with energy and effectiveness was an
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inspiration. >> but now they could replace another. >> i cannot ever recall seeing this without hope. she once told me she did not do touchy-feely because i would be too emotional and we need to get on with it. [laughter] the nimby to sort out the campaign we were working on. >> people think that mps murder space get politics out the referendum campaign ended the final few days. in the front of the jubilant supporters. >> with the friends and neighbors and to take back
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control this thursday could be the country's independence day. the polls closed at 10. and it soon became nuclear -- became clear. but the man who devoted years was triumphant. >> it was all over for the victory. >> the british people have spoken and for many it was they be amusing moment. but only shortly after 8:00 a.m..
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and to study over the coming weeks and months. and then to be the captain astaire's the country to the next destination. >> and also headed to the exit. with the referendum recovering. >> nor the outcome with a country that i love. >> it is quite shameful with those promises that they knew. >> leaving aside the constitution with that uncertainty the leaders of the breck said campaign when they believed it is open space -- open season. could i ask him also to
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condemn very clearly those and those who voted to leave the european union. >> in with that adjustment. >> and to call that a referendum. >> reference to johnson to fill the vacancy caused by camerons resignation. but then looking for reasons then became jeremy corbin who was accused of not doing enough campaigning in many labor mps by david cameron
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joined in. >> i have to say with job insecurity and then to say for heaven's sake. >> ledger records and stayed on. and then to fight but the conservatives could not complain too much they had earlier turmoils. who could stop him?. >> if think i am the best person. >> is still looking to be ahead. and his majesty withdraw his support. >> that means two contenders
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and then an article would force them to quit. with the series of fun playing defense. >> back in 2007 having joined the sound of the enthusiasm that is much more relaxed than normal. as they consider how to bring to an end. >> questions to the prime minister. in the rest of the days are remarkably light.
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and several extra ministers. and that was in my time. >> but after six years as prime minister this session the seven buyers around the world. so everybody said you were doing a great job. >> and to pass on my thanks. but it is extremely kind. i would certainly send those good wishes back.
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[laughter] >> if anybody knows what bricks that means -- brexit means it is statesmanship but never go quite as far to carry a mobile phone. but then we had to move vice seem to remember to accommodate the 9:00 cigar. and to watch these exchanges to miss the rorer of the crowd from the opposition and also with that prime minister in that manifesto to put together. and with the issue is that
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they care about with those constituencies they represent. because yes we can be pretty tough to challenge the leaders. that is something we should be proud of you will that on as you do. and that with the public service that is what it is all about. after all was there once said. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> with that ovation and then to return for the final
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time with his wife and child for the final final photograph before they make their way to buckingham palace for the full designation for her majesty the queen. and to make their way to buckingham palace the queen appointed her prime minister as he spoke for the first time. >> if you're just managing i want to address you directly. i know you were doing your best because life can be a struggle. lead not just by the privileged few but we will do everything we can to give you more control. >> one prime minister out and in that they've made us
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series of appointments to establish a was a different sort of conservative and david cameron. with the new justice secretary and a new foreign secretary her first as prime minister. >> also say you have a good job. >> does that mean she will scrap that employment tribunal or more than a dozen european nations have already done?. >> yes to a the right honorable gentleman i did say that it is important that we consider not only the more obvious injustices but for those that are
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struggling to make ends meet. >> for those of the job insecurity and as i suspect there are many members who might be familiar with the unscrupulous boss. [laughter] and a boss who require some of the workers to double the workload and maybe even the boss that breaks the rules for their career and remind him of anybody?. >> currently reassembled the brand new minister. >> with the secretary of state to exit the european union say if they were accused of the secrecy over
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brexit. >> and then to draw out no plans and to offer though clearly or prosperity or no chance of scrutiny. >> the shout out to the of secretary to have a second vote. >> i would've thought the labor mps would have learned the lesson. we all have the same question again. >> with that recent reelection with the party second in years. and the government said but what kind of a plan would that be?. >> does he mean that should
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be a series of explanations of principles or is that a specific priority?. >> but to say i would merely remind the house. [laughter] >> there was the time when the parliament in the world outside people showed a minimum of the motion but times change and the mps definitely more open and then to us a remarkably frank speeches the michele thompson spoke about how does a young person she was raised.
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>> i remember to surprise and inferior when cold and i am shivering and i did not tell my mother or father or my friend or the police by bottle the dollar up inside me. i am not scared by another victim. >> thanks to the honorable lady -- levy for what she has said it has left an indelible impression upon us all. >> a few weeks earlier she talked about losing her daughter.
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>> eventually the doctor was called to the emergency room >> she lived for five days but we had to agree to the life machine being turned off. and never wanted to let her go. the 22nd to the 27th of february she was never able to cry or smile the letter and i still love her. she is always in my thoughts. them not embarrassed but
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because it hurts so much. >> into the widely praised in such a powerful speech. and it was led by this man. from the european parliament. with that general election only to resign again after the referendum with a series of events finding an incredible person to really that. and then to say it was work. and that it could be achieved. and then to be leaving parliament altogether.
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>> can the prime minister confirm or deny. >>. >> but such matters and when donald trump became the 45th president of the united states. and then to form the reality tv star or the foreign secretary? and when teresa made did meet with president trump january 17 that handholding at the white house was so wise move. the protests started off.
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>> but then the case they were mistaken. and then not to come for the case that was mistaken of the foreign sector. [laughter] >> i embarrassed to tell you mr. speaker i was mistaken for mr. trump and it is a very humbling experience. >> what about president from coming to parliament? and with the automatic right and from banning certain countries. and with that bin by
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president from by even cast more strongly into the in the westminster but as far as this place is concerned that our opposition to racism and sexism in support for quality above the law that is the important consideration in the house of commons. >> the winter months writing out through the political agenda could this man held? and with those 2 billion panels of social care.
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and these people it turned out many were tradesmen. into the with those insurance contributions as a scottish nationalist. >> so the path of aspiration i think that is a decision to make headlines were bad with the white van you turn. >> with a colleague and others and we question to be
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compatible with those commitments made but mr. speaker it is very important with my right honorable friend of prime minister but also the spirit. >> they have supported so the about turn and robustly it is already with the printer. with the correctness. [laughter] >> but the parliament's role
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was the nuclear -- of nuclear and those that remain the support through the high court but knowing that approval was needed. and it could not be done through edict alone. and the supreme court if that is the case. and the politicians looked anxiously. and then announced the judgment. >> in the supreme court ruled that the government could not trigger article 50 with 170 words long that was
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quickly called the brexit bill. is simply about empowering the government were as a point of no return and to respect the outcome of the referendum. >> what sort of divorce?. >> to have an impact on each and every one of us they will not give the government the mandate and to a tawdry low regulation that they
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don't know what they're voting for there is no excuse. >> that they are living in the world at those countries throughout the world with those trading advantages the previously they don't want to achieve or just to be patient and give access. >> i can go on with the prime minister but i cannot
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go along with the idea that brexit means trump. so to give back control of our laws and our money. once again with a sovereign nation state to be in command to be absolutely and is connected was a piece full revolution. >> this bill endorses that revolution. >> with a labor mps told to back the government no doubt at the end. >> and those who select 122. >> and then to have to defeats on the bill of the
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rights of the nationalist in britain. >> so if we say quite freely to the government. >> that which takes after the foreigners and not the british. >> then came the demand to have a meaningful vote with the final exit vote from the e.u.. >> with that long contested principal that is should rest with parliament. >> so we get to the final round. >> to say i cannot agree with you. it is ridiculous it is a
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ridiculous proposal and it shows they have no appetite so the brexit bill became an act. with the british ambassador to the president of the european council. >> this is a historic moment that there can be no turning back. >> but the 2016 referendum has that majority but then they claimed the scots were done against their wishes that the minister of scotland was their intention with another referendum. >> with those changes
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circumstances is the chance and a fair and democratic way said to be in favor of those demands when teresa lab they declared now is the time for a referendum. >> shaken wag her figure as much as she likes. and then with a single european market. becky is comparing to have a member that we have than one country. we work together and achieve
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together. and constitutional game playing. >> with several european cities of for the last decade. and london had avoided and those things changed on the 22nd of march. >> in the space of 90 seconds the force during and stabbing a police officer then he was shot dead by armed police. >> with that shocked and bewildered parliament. and then to be under lockdown.
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>> please wait here. >>. >> with the dust settled congress reflected on the attack. and then to see the greatest series - - city on earth millions of tax of morality with a response to terrorism. and we wish you condemn all of them because if they were we have to stay united on these grounds. >> one man cannot look down.
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with the openness and unity. >> also with the job of british politics to see the day of the prime ministers to call general elections whenever they wanted. >> but now every five years so the announcement on downing street took everybody buy surprise. >> so i have said with the election through 2020 but i have concluded the only way to guarantee the stability for the years ahead is to hold this election most
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recently on march 20th. >> my a right honorable friend in the time-honored fashion. >> and how any of this makes it clearer. with an opposition party but not stand in the way. >> we welcome the general election but she says it is about leadership. >> i was right 2.0 to the right honorable gentleman since i became prime minister. >> people know the reasons we have a general election is the labor party. >> parliament was blocking
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brexit but three-quarters of the mps into the words of the lords voted but one month ago she told the official spokesman to rule out the early general election. she wants us to believe she is a woman of color but we cannot believe a single word. to put the trust and the conservative party to have a stronger future. >> and then the debate started.
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and then to be an early parliamentary general election. and then give the chance to change direction. >> that is a blank check to put up with whatever she and the bureaucrats. >> before the election is overwhelming. and to be very light-hearted. and to do an excellent job with those days of 2016. into have extensive knowledge in the medical context for the public-relations and it involves putting on rubber gloves and then asking him
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to cough. [laughter] >> if i may give my right honorable friend a little advice. [laughter] but putting up as the medical profession and then he was into puerto rico and then i deliver this speech. and then to understand.
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>> and three years to the end tuesday 56 parliament. >> the with the house of lords. and then we will be back on monday june 19 but for now goodby. ♪
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direct tweeting about questions whether the fired director told he was under investigation he said james colby better hope there is no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press
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spec the why the fed read bannister one of the leading african-american artist and was part of the underground railroad and abroad and consistent supporter. >> hero after he wrote martin luther king and now robert kennedy kennedy's assassination with the broader national mourning in now the democratic nomination. >>. >> madison was lucky enough to exercise what the modern thing to think it is often
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recommended today from people who suffer from upset -- epilepsy. >> he was said decorated combat veteran with a strong military with a much broader conception of what it was. >> he reached out across the of vital on the first of 1961 and started with the alliance for progress stillnesses but public works committee called the endangered species act.


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